Occupying 6,000 square-metres of area and offering 2,000 sqare-metre of exhibition space, the UAE Pavilion has been named “number one” among the “Top 10 Must-Sees” by Lifestyle magazine in June 2010.

Themed “Power of Dreams”, the UAE Pavilion wanted to show how economic prosperity assisted by innovations in science and technology transformed UAE from a rural society to thriving urbanised communities where over 200 diverse cultures live and work in harmony. It was about the groundbreaking developments in sustainable living in which the UAE is playing a leading role.

UAE pavilion aimed to provide an immersive environment that unfold the country’s unique personality, engage the visitor in a dialogue exploring the inherent tensions of city-living in the 21st century, and relate their inspiring story to the world using the latest technology.

The concept of the iconic dune shaped building was designed by Foster + Partner London. The vistas of the edifice are enhanced by a dimensional LED that previews what is to unfold inside. This visual highlight reflects off the entry canopy cladding to evolve as a focal point of the adjoining plaza.

Once inside, visitors are presented with three main shows, followed by an information zone. The multi-surface projection installation comprising 48 projectors as well as over 200 multi-faceted projection surfaces involved working with a specialist media manipulation firm.

In the final show of the journey through the UAE pavilion, a powerful and memorable show is provided by integrating multi-media, lighting, sound, moving projection screens and the implementation of a Pepper’s Ghost effect. Specialists from different companies played crucial roles in the process in creating this environment while working with the client and their consultants.