In mid-December, several events were held across Bahrain to celebrate the country’s 43rd National Day and the 15th anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad's accession to the throne.

As the designer and project manager of both the Bahrain Municipalities’ National Day Celebration and the National Day Fireworks, Pico wanted to deliver a series of incredibly spectacular shows, the likes of which had never been seen before in this island nation.

To hit this objective, we put together a team of professionals from every corner of the globe to deliver something new – an event based on the water. Combining water screens, fountains, lights, lasers and fireworks, our teams set out to impress, delight and bring joy the people of Bahrain as they celebrated this historic day.

With fountains from France, lasers from Belgium, a multi-media production team from Italy, projectors from Germany and fireworks from Dubai and Europe across a number of venues, the production of this extravaganza was fraught with logistical and other obstacles, in particular the specific challenges of working on water and with unpredictable weather. Adding to the elements, location changes and a short production timeline ensured that our teams had to think fast and be on their toes at all times.

The National Day Fireworks Show was the highlight of the celebrations. Synchronised to music and set off with the Bahrain National Stadium and International F1 Circuit as backdrops, this world-class show awed and amazed the entire country and also set the social media landscape on fire with images and videos posted.

In the end, our hard work resulted in an incredible celebration and the best and finest fireworks display ever seen in the Kingdom.