In a space of 2,000 sq. m., a permanent exhibition was constructed to pay tribute to sacrifices made some sixty years ago and celebrate the historic D-Day Landings. The centre offers the opportunity for visitors to remember the brave soldiers who helped change the course of World War II during the Allied assault on 6 June, 1944.  

Pico was in charge of the scenography at the centre. The solution entailed massive steel structures, printed, engraved and acid etched glass panels, acrylic showcases and panels, projection and audio theatres, and inkjet printed aluminium panels. 

The space features narrative texts, photos, films, interactive displays and artefacts to create a sensitive blend of stories, paying tribute to the soldiers' sacrifice. The designers created more than 140 large laminated glass panels, which were printed with an inkjet technique and then acid etched.  

The visitor centre's official inauguration was on 6 June, on the 63rd anniversary of D-Day. The American Secretary of Defence, the US Ambassador and representatives from the French Ministry of Defence attended the event along with 2,500 VIP guests.