Visual identity element implementation for the fast food industry requires a great deal of flexibility in project coordination and production lead time, as well as precision in installation. Pico’s strong logistics network and proven business practices allow us to guarantee accurate, on-time delivery to locations across the globe. We have the capability to respond rapidly to this ever-changing market, which is an asset for us and for our clients. 

The fast food industry presents a number of unique challenges: projects often require that we work in crowded commercial areas to exceptionally tight deadlines. Pico not only efficiently caters to the demands of this fast-paced environment; we go above and beyond by researching, understanding and transforming your brand ideas into practical, cost-effective realities. Today, our impressive solutions have been seen by literally millions of people around the world.

The impact of a brand is most important on the street, and our design teams work closely with our client's design agencies to ensure the consistent application of a brand across a variety of locations, regions and countries. Pico not only maintains the integrity of the original design, we strive to strengthen the relationship with our clients by finding innovative ways to manufacture signs at reasonable prices. We also find that conducting on-site meetings between all relevant parties is crucial to the success of each and every project.